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Toro y Moi


ed rowbottom posey fuck

i was waiting to get a lift home from pa at the bus stop outside my work and some absolute pricks drove into the lane near me and threw some shit from their car at me, went round the roundabout at the end of the road, did the same, and again, they came back a fourth time but i was hiding a little way away but seriously like wtf i didn’t recognise their voices so i don’t think i knew them but it was dark and a fast moving car so i have no idea if i knew them or not either way fuck em


A climbing wall that doesn’t need a harness

i want a go!

went on the asos website to look 4 t-shirts can honestly say everything on there is scust.

in this book o short stories i’m reading atm always assume the narrator of the story (those told in first person tho) is the focal point and try to gleam details about them rather than the characters they talk about, i think its because of my personality. starting to think though maybe they are mostly nick carraways. i think i shall have to reread it.

no matter what you do in life you should never feel like you can identify with raise your glass by pink, that is my mantra





Rest stops on highways are liminal spaces where the veil is thin and nobody can tell me differently


The explanation is that liminal spaces are in between places that bridge Here with There, so in fairy tales we often have the Fairy Ring, the Forest Clearing, the Sudden Misty Foggy Forest, the Bridge, the River, graveyards, in some cases

We also have a ton of american urban mythology around famous roadways and sites off the sides of roads

Archetypes like these occur to mark the places in the world where the veil goes thin and humans can have extra-worldly experiences, out of the ordinary way of living

So why wouldn’t transient spaces like rest stops where everyone is just passing through from one place to the next, never stopping for too long, not be a liminal space where spirits frequent, too

Especially since nobody would know if they were real or not

This is how I feel about airports. I hate going through security, but once I’m in, I’m nowhere and everywhere. Neither here nor there.

i work at a motorway services and i can confirm there is nothing exciting about them

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Original Blade runner art.